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Municipiul Sibiu, este resedinta judetului Sibiu, aflat in partea centrala a Romaniei, in Transilvania.

Orasul isi are originile in vremurile romanilor, pe cand acesta era o colonie (Cibinium).

In secolul al XII-lea, saxonii (germani din zona Nürnberg-ului) au ales Sibiul drept centrul comunitatii
lor din Transilvania.

Printre atractiile istorice mai importante se numara:

In the 12 th century, the Saxons (germans from Nürnberg), founded Sibiu as the center of their community in Transylvania. Among the major historic attractions in the city you can see a 14th-century Gothic church containing a museum and a library of more than 100,000 books, the fortify walls and towers of the old city, beautiful cathedrals and palaces, museums, and many old medieval buildings.

In German the city is also known under the name of Hermannstadt, because it was founded by Germans and many Germans live here today.

In 1940 Sibiu was ceded to Hungary among with the Northern Transylvania territory, and was restored to Romania after the World War II in 1945.

Sibiu has a population about 170.365 inhabitants (estimated 2002).

The town is split into a historic centre with many fine old churches , as well as the remains of the original Saxon Bastions and city walls that formed the town's fortifications and a lower new town with new modern buildings.

Orasul Sibiu